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You're Hired

I got a phone call from one of my vendors, asking if I install metal roofing. I told them yes, I’ve done lots. They then asked if I would be interested in teaching a class. I said yes and not 2 minutes later I got a call from Corrections Canada asking if I could start the next day!

I was a both a little nervous and excited! I phoned my wife right away to let her know my good news.

The day came, I met with the guys I was going to teach. Not at all what I was expecting. These guys were friendly, eager and ready to learn. Not what Hollywood portrays them as.

I did my 2 days of instructing, feeling good that I did the best that I could do to give these men the tools they needed to do roofing with the confidence.

Helping these guys get the skill set needed to get back into the workforce, earn money and provide for their families was definitely a humbling and rewarding experience.

I’ve been asked to come back to continue classes with Corrections Canada. Hopefully, more dates will be added in the future! I truly love helping people, listening to their stories and giving hope.

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